Rooftop Playshapes


Rooftop Playshapes are hand made from beech wood and painted in natural prime colours. Each set consists of 3x small house shapes, 3x large house shapes, 2 roofs red, 2 roofs yellow and 2 roofs blue. They are perfect for stimulating the minds of young children and allow them to play, build and create.


‘I wanted to create a typical house shape that also provided a lot more different options to kids. A good example of this is the roof that can be taken off from the base and repositioned to create new shapes and designs. I hope that this can help kids look at buildings in a different way and that they can see that there are many more possibilities available than just  the standard house…a child can be an architect too’ – says Koen Crommentuijn.

Dimensions of a complete house;

w 7,5 x H 10 x D 5,75 cm

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