Kids Hotel Supplies


Kids Hotel Supplies

We believe that every living area can be refined with the right furniture and accessories. In order to create this refinement, Stoerrr designs in a special storytelling way, where each product has it’s own story. The stories originate from our own experiences, memories, fantasies and emotions. Stoerrr designs are beautiful in their simplicity and playfulness.

Stoerrr believes in working with the best possible partners and uses a wide range of preferred suppliers and creative minds. So if you think your product will fit in out interior concepts and projects don’t hesitate to contact us. We will after a possitive quality check put your product on our suppliers list. A wide range of supplies that will support our kids concepts for Family Rooms and Kids Clubs: children’s furniture, accessories for living areas, toys, playground equipment, graphic design applications, flooring, lighting, arts & crafts equipment and Kids Architecture & Interior construction.

We work in a very intuitive way and the feeling and experiencing of the right materials is very important. Products and concepts with real value. That are eco-friendly, sustainable, playful and of a high quality. Cool, functional and beautiful designs. The play products are fun to play with, but they also appeal to parents as they look great in any living area. Stoerrr believes in sustainability and uses materials that are friendly to the environment, such as wood from managed forests, recycled materials and biobased plastics. They are also built to last so that the next generation can also enjoy them.

Mail us or call us to discuss great new solutions for your next project! – Phone +31 (0)6 81 36 90 98

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Kids Architecture & Interior Construction

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