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Casa Kubaa Playblocks

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Casa Kubaa ~ Set of Playblocks for small indoor playground spaces

The Casa Kubaa is a multi-functional toy which kids between the ages of 3 ̵ 12 can use to climb, build, learn and play. It´s made up of 12 lightweight blocks of different shapes, which can be put together to create a play object. Casa Kubaa Playblocks is not only an educational toy, but also a beautiful piece of design that can also be used as furniture.

The Casa Kubaa can be used both indoors and outdoors and is perfect for use in crèches, day care centres and schools. It´s also well suited for hotels, play areas, holidaysparks, hospitals, therapy centres, libraries, and indoor and outdoor sports organisations.

Versatile & Compact Design

Due to its compact design, the Casa Kubaa is easy to clean, tidy up and store. The quality of its design makes it stand out from the regular children´s toys and furniture.

Two sizes Casa Kubaa are available: The Casa Kubaa small measures 60(l) x 60(w) x 90(h)cm.
The casa Kubaa big measures 80(l) x 80(w) x 120(h)cm and are both available in tomato red, lime green and blue, a custom made color is possible too…

Casa Kubaa Playblocks complies with all qualities as demanded by the EU regulations for toys EN71.

Casa Kubaa Playblocks Playzone - small indoor playarea

Casa Kubaa Playblocks - indoor playground

Casa Kubaa Playblocks - Children's creations and more

Indoor Playground

Casa Kubaa Playblocks is a perfect playground~object that fits in small spaces, it´s a light weight, easy to store play object, children love those building blocks very much. The above picture features a small indoor playground, approximately 30m2, which can be easily placed in Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Airports, Day Care Centres and other places where children can come to play.

For pricing Casa Kubaa Playblocks or Small Playground just contact us via or via Design Hotel Supplies.

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