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8 green arms project

The 8 Green Arms Project


Old becomes new

What do you do when your old sports ball is too worn out to play with? Leave it in the shed? Buy a new one? Or just throw it away?

 The 8 Green Arms Project has other ideas. Why not recycle it and create a brand new products from the old material.
 The 8 Green Arms Project is on a mission to create sustainable, eco-friendly products and at the same time make children more aware of the importance of sustainability.

About 8 Green Arms

The founders of 8 Green Arms are designers of smart kids solutions such as Kids Clubs, toys, furniture and also organisers of Kids festivals, so this project is a logical step for them.

Their latest project, The Fin Flying Fish, turns old dis-used volleyballs into cool new beach balls shaped like a fish, beach slippers and a handy beach bag. www.8greenarms.com

Fin Flying Fish Toy

Sustainable Awareness

“There’s a mountain of old balls that are thrown away. It’s a waste to use new materials when the existing material is perfect for making the new products. Design wise we also want to keep the identity of the balls, so you can see that the new products are made of old materials”

“ We also want to contribute to healthier & happier kids so donate 10% of all profits to the Youth Sports Fund to help combat the rising obesity figures amongst children. This ensures that more children can take part in sports and they also become our ambassadors and spread the word about the positive effects of sustainability. It’s a win win situation!”

BllaBlla_FlyingFishFormation01 BllaBlla_FlyingFishFormation02

In order to promote the new Fin Flying Fish, 8 Green Arms are creating an Art Exhibition aimed at creating awareness for both the importance of sustainability and endangered fish species. The art exhibition will be accompanied by a video presentation aimed at informing children about endangered fish species and what they can do to help preserve our oceans.



Our aim is to get The exhibition placed in libraries, schools and town halls throughout The Netherlands and when possible around the globe.




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